Bayer Corporation Pharmaceutical Division

West Haven, Connecticut

Equipment: Buffalo Air Handling supplied five (5) air handling units totaling 200,000 CFM for the Bayer Corporation. The units have 4″ double wall, thermal break construction with supply and return fans, heating and cooling coils, filters, dampers, humidifiers and sound attenuators.

Owner: Bayer Corporation

General Contractor: Gilbane Building Company

Project Engineers: Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Mechanical Contractor: Tucker Mechanical

Pharmaceutical is one of nine divisions within the Bayer Corporation, all dedicated to “Changing the world with great care”. The West Haven site specifically directs its research in the areas of cancer, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. Also, a new drug for Alzheimer sufferers is being manufactured at this facility.

In Bayer’s last expansion, Buffalo Air Handling was asked to provide air handling equipment that would meet the specific needs of Bayer The units were low profile construction to satisfy space constraints at the facility. The units were designed with notches, such that when laid end to end on the site, they created an air handling unit over 180 feet long, which fits precisely over several air ducts on the underside of the unit.

All the units passed stringent testing requirements in the factory and on site. Pressure and leakage testing were conducted to verify a maximum permissible leakage rate of 1% at 10″ static pressure water gauge.