Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA

Equipment: Buffalo Air Handling supplied one (1) 15,330 cfm hot deck/cold deck knockdown air handling unit in the building’s basement to replace the original AHU -5 as part of the university’s on-going maintenance and upgrade program.

Owner:Virginia Commonwealth University

Project Engineers: DJG, Inc.

Mechanical Contractor: Bailey’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Built in 1972 to house the School of Business, Harris Hall was renamed in the fall of 2007 to honor the former university provost, Grace E. Harris.
The Grace E. Harris Hall is home to the VCU Student Services Center, including the offices of Financial Aid, Records and Registration and Student Accounting. It also contains the offices of the vice provost for instruction and student success and the university ombudsperson. Additionally, Harris Hall houses the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, College of Humanities and Sciences, Department of Military Science and Leadership, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research and the Focused Inquiry program. This facility contains the largest auditorium on campus with a seating capacity of 400.

The air handling unit was completely assembled at the factory, then disassembled and palletized for shipment and reconstructed in place. All parts and pieces were designed to fit through a 79″ H x 34″ W opening and to follow a narrow path to the mechanical room.
With Buffalo Air Handling’s service technician supervising the installing contractor, the unit was installed expeditiously with negligible disruption.
Buffalo Air Handling was chosen for this project because of past experience at VCU, dependable and long-lasting service, and the ability to provide these “knockdown” units.